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© 2019 by Aubrey Logan

Tap Dance, Trombone, and Jimi Hendrix

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

So it begins! We start off #YourMomsFavoriteSongs with none other than the BEST TAP DANCER IN THE WORLD, Sarah Reich! I don't have to explain to you how good she is. In the words of Bruno Mars, don't believe me? Just watch. And why not combine tap dance, trombone, and Jimi Hendrix?

Trust me, you're gonna want all the Sarah you can get after this. And I have news for you, SHE HAS A NEW ALBUM OUT! (Yes, a tap album. And it's incredible.)

Why YES, "Fire" is on Spotify! (and iTunes, and GooglePlay, and Amazon, and and and and... everywhere else.)

Click on the image to see our full tap dancing, singing and trombone-ing performance!